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About Us

Hack Team 6 is aimed at teaching vital event organizing skills, promoting understanding of XdHacks Mini’s vision, and bringing the participants closer to all the members of our community. The end result is a STEM-related event, pushing the students to practically apply all the skills they’ve learned.

In the first iteration, we ran CS UNIverse, a CS university panel for high school students, with 8 speakers and 20+ participants.


Our Events

Byte the Web

January 7-8, 2023

Mock It, Hack It

January 14-15, 2023


January 5-6, 2023

Event Organizing Experience

We strive to work together to make the experience at the event enjoyable and fulfilling, not only for the participants but also for the speakers and organizers. We must constantly innovate, experiment, and learn, setting a higher standard for our events and our teams.

Community Contribution

We prioritize serving our community by creating a place where anyone can belong and helping students develop essential skills such as entrepreneurship, marketing in order to prepare them for a bright future.

Our Team Values

Team building

We rely on, and support each other, synergising each team member's unique abilities and experiences, to achieve impactful goals that benefit the community we serve.


Our philosophy is built with the intention to prepare highschool students to be future leaders by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and developoing the skillsets needed for success.

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