Byte the Web

January 7-8, 2023


Dive into web development

Byte the Web is a weekend-long web development competition with a theme of “food”. It will take place online from January 7-8, 2023.

At Byte the Web, you will work individually or in a team of up to 4 to develop a website and compete for prizes! There will be workshops throughout the weekend covering web development from the very basics to the more advanced, to equip you with all the necessary skills to build your own website. Everyone is welcome to join, and no prior coding experience is required.

Our mission is to make web development accessible and fun for high school students all around the world. We are part of XdHacks Mini’s Hack Team 6.


Frequently asked questions

How is Byte the Web different from a hackathon?

Typically, in hackathons, you have to pitch your idea and prototype to a panel of judges. Byte the Web focuses on building your web development skills and does not require you to pitch your website.

Is Byte the Web in-person or online?

Byte the Web will be online, so anyone around the world is welcome to join!

How will we communicate during the event?

All announcements and communications will be made through Discord before and during Byte the Web, so make sure to join our server if you haven’t already.

What if I don’t know how to code?

There will be workshops teaching the basics of web development and coding during the event, so you don’t need any previous experience to attend.

Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to participate in Byte the Web! However, you must be a high school student to be eligible for prizes.

Can I team up with others?

You can form teams of up to 4 people to work on your website together.


Joey Xie


Ching Lam Lau


Diya Sreedhar


Princess Ang