XdHacks Mini at Regeneron ISEF 2022

XdHacks Mini will be heading to the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, between May 7 and 13. XdHacks Mini is partnering with ISEF to come together for a day of exciting events, activities, and workshops.

About XdHacks Mini

Founded in 2019, our non-profit started in Vancouver, BC with a founding group of highschool students. After a successful event at UBC, XdHacks Mini transitioned to other cities to encourage youth to take up STEM in their local communities. Over the past 3 years, XdHacks Mini has developed into the largest single collection of high school hackathons globally. The organization boasts over 50 high school students managing 7 regional rounds with another 15 high-school and university students running the core organization.

XdHacks Mini Vancouver 2019 Hackathon Awards Ceremony

Participants working hard and getting support to create impactful projects

Special guest speakers for various topics including coding, pitching and university

The ISEF Experience

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the world’s largest pre-college celebration of science, held annually in the United States. Each May, over 1,700 students from more than 70 countries and territories compete for over $4 million in awards, including one $75,000 prize, and two $50,000 prizes. Regeneron ISEF 2022 Finalists are selected from their respective regional, district, state, and country ISEF affiliated fairs.

ISEF 2022 Winners

Winners for the Regeneron Internation Science Engineering Fair

EcoSolutions Corporation

Combatting Excess Vehicular Emissions in Mitigating and Maintaining Stable Environmental Conditions: The Eco-Carbon Collector (ECC)

We designed an adjustable muffler filter to reduce CO2 and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions being emitted from vehicles. This, in conjunction with governmental standards on emissions, will provide a method to mitigate global warming and reduce the incidence of respiratory disease in urban areas.

The Carbon Crushers

Filter Utilizing Cyanobacteria as Carbon Fixators

Fossil fuel emissions largely contribute to climate change. To create an accessible way to reduce carbon emissions, this filter utilizes cyanobacteria, a naturally occurring carbon fixator. The filter surrounds the open space with a charcoal bed and cyanobacteria. It will make carbon filters cheaper and more accessible to combat climate change.

Flow State

Flow Battery Pipelines - a technology to help against climate change

Many renewable energy sources generate energy inconsistently. Solar power and wind energy produce enough energy to power our world but is not always available when needed. We want to create a method to use existing infrastructure to improve the environmental capability of the energy produced by these sources.

Event Schedule

Official Schedule for International Science Engineering Fair 2022

Friday, April 29th - Registration Closes (Sign up through ISEF)
Sunday, May 8th - Working Effectively In A Team Workshop by Mary Lynn Realff
Thursday, May 12th at 1:00pm - Opening Ceremony
Thursday, May 12th at 1:20pm - Entrepreneurial Ventures at a High Level by Melissa Pegus
Thursday, May 12th at 2:15pm - Keynote on Two Successful Solutions by Marilyn Brown and Matthew Realff
Thursday, May 12th at 4:40pm - Activity
Thursday, May 12th at 5:00pm - In-person Component Ends
Thursday, May 12th, at 12:00am - Submissions Close
May 13th ~ 20th - Judging
Saturday, May 21st - Winners Announced