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XdHacks Mini is an organization to probe young minds, encouraging them to solve puzzles and problems pertaining to STEM areas. XdHacks Mini Toronto is a chapter related to this broad organization. Our goals are to appeal to youth interested in medicine and its integration with Artificial Intelligence with a foundational base where they can apply their skills and expertise in coding and computer technology (“hacking”) in different scenarios to solve problems. Our events will range from networking events for students to connect with the professionals in various fields to workshops with raffle prizes! We want to challenge youth through engaging events and activities to innovate and create a blueprint for a better tomorrow! Stay tuned for more information about our event dates and other initiatives!

Our Mission


Our associated organization, YESci Ontario, was founded with the sole objective of promoting the underrepresented occupational sectors in the medical field. We want to reflect on these values in the unique form of a hackathon in the Toronto/GTA area! Our mission is to create a space where youth can learn about interdisciplinary studies and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems. We stand by our statement “knowledge is vital to develop an informed perspective,” meaning that the more versed an individual becomes on a particular topic or skill, the more knowledgeable they will be. Thus, opening up countless doors to success in our contemporary society.


A Hackathon is a combination of the words "hack" and "marathon". At XdHacks Mini, we believe the word "hack" means to create. It’s an event where people come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality. Additionally, students can create projects, attend workshops, meet new people, improve their programming, and have lots of fun!

Highschool Students are the innovators of tomorrow, inspiring students to create a product and present it. Hackathons, in particular, enable students to apply their interests, passions, and skills to create a product to help solve society’s current issues through technology.

A Hackathon would not only create an opportunity for sharp students to begin networking – meeting mentors and other like-minded students – but also benefit the institution and hopefully inspire others to participate and even create their own hackathons; ultimately improving the Student community around the world.

Our July 2021 Hackathon takes place exclusively online. Registration will be held on Eventbrite exclusively and discord will be the communication platform during the Hackathon where webinars and Q&A sessions will be hosted. Technical instructions and additional information will be sent to you via email before the Hackathon begins.

Our event encourages students to develop their product as much as they can, however, we do not expect a product ready to be put on the market. Prototyping is a huge part of product creation and, at XdHacks, we are celebrating the creativity and innovative ideas highschool students have to approach a real-world issue. Your pitch should include extensive planning and preparation and hopefully presentable models to showcase your inventive products.

At an event like this, with workshops and many networking opportunities, even those without previous experience in coding can find value in participation. The skills that students can develop – whether it be creative, design-oriented, collaborative, or communicative – are vital for a successful career. Lastly, we hope to ignite a passion so students can, after attending our events, learn more about coding, gain exposure, and eventually build a future related to technology.

There will be webinars, online side games and plenty of other fun activities to keep you busy!

No, our virtual Hackathon is open to participants from all over the world!



July 16th - 18th 2021

Networking Event

March 6th 2021
Networking event

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