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Hackamental was an online hackathon that encouraged high-school students from around the world to try and develop prototypes to tackle the challenges of mental health. Within the span of two days, teams worked together to develop digital ideas aimed towards helping confront mental health challenges that societies encounter today.

Levelling Up for Mental Health: How to Look Out for Yourself and Others


1 in 5 people in Canada today struggle with their mental health, yet only 1 in 4 will receive the help they need. The mental health crisis is one of the most prominent issues facing our nation’s youth. Many young people need help or wish to help their friends, but knowing how to ask for help or how to be there for someone else can be difficult. In this workshop, participants will work through the 5 Golden Rules of being there for a friend or loved one in crisis as well as learn how to safeguard their own mental health. This workshop is based on research-based data and techniques developed by and the Born this Way Foundation.


Graeme Hopkins: Jack Talks Speaker (, Saskatchewan Network Representative (, and Marketing Content Creator (Youth Helping Youth BC)

Graeme Hopkins is a writer, artist, director, actor, performer, and geological and paleontological researcher based in Saskatoon. He has been extremely passionate about youth mental health for several years, having previously served as an advocate for youth mental health in the face of a harmful policy adopted by the Saskatoon Public Schools Division, in addition to writing and speaking about youth mental health for the CBC’s National Division, CBC Saskatchewan, The Hamilton Spectator, and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. The policy was repealed after 6 months of advocacy work. In 2021, Graeme founded and organized Wear Green Day, an national mental health awareness event that was observed by schools from Alberta to New Brunswick. Currently, Graeme is serving as the Saskatchewan Network Representative for, a national youth mental health charity, a Jack Talks Speaker for, and a Peer Advisory Council member for TeensTalk YXE, a local Saskatoon mental health charity.

Building a Self-Care Ritual to Avoid Burnout


Felt overwhelmed, exhausted, unmotivated when life is busy? In this workshop, we'll explore why creating a personal self care ritual is critical to maintaining positive mental wellness. Burnout is real and can look like many things. In this workshop, we'll explore triggers, understand what burnout is, and how you can avoid burnout by incorporating small things in your life to look after you physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Dana Ramnarine: Vice President of

Dana Ramnarine (she/her) is a mother, entrepreneur, and architect of highly innovative teams. She has spent almost 15 years helping grow some of the world’s most successful and creative and tech companies by implementing tools to find, attract, and retain amazing humans. She was Unity's first in-house global Recruiter, has worked at Disney, Electronic Arts and with many other growing tech companies to help humans connect with their purpose and find values-aligned organizations. Now leading the team at, Dana is co-founder and heads up the west coast team, working with startups, venture capitals, and growing studios to bring HR and talent acquisition strategy to leaders and innovators. have created an on-demand model, disrupting the external agency framework to meet the needs of ever-evolving industries and growing teams.

Winning Teams

AI Therapy

Max Sun, Petar Isakovic
AI Therapy is a website that lends an ear to users, standing with them and helping them with their mental health issues. Users start off by speaking to the AI directly using the "Ask a Question" button. Users can use this button to freely pour out their concerns of life because sometimes having somebody to listen can be therapeutic. After the user finishes speaking the AI then replies back to the user with a comforting voice using the text to speech.

Mental Miracle

Samhitha Kona, Shreya Rastogi
Mental Miracle is a tool that helps people discuss their feelings and learn a quick way to help improve their mental health. This website provides viewers with a chatbot that helps them navigate through their feelings and feel better. There is also a quiz feature that asks creative questions about a person’s feelings and preferences to help them give a stress-relief tip that is catered to how they are feeling.


Christine Shim, Joseph Zheng, Anders Lee
BREAK OUT! aims to utilize the power of memes and humour for the benefit of its users’ mental health. Through BREAK OUT!’s intuitive interface, users can view, share, like, and comment on mental health-related memes. They also have the ability to create and publish their own memes through BREAK OUT!’s meme editor.

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