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XdHacks Mini Vancouver

Event Description

SafeHacks is a multi-day in-person hackathon that encourages high-school students from Vancouver to develop prototypes to tackle issues with safe technology use. It brings together tech enthusiasts and novices alike, allowing them to collaborate and transform their ideas into tangible products that contribute to the community. There will be resources like workshops, keynote presentations, interactive activities, and mentors.

Executive Team

Claire Zhang

Co-Executive Director

Si Moon Song

Co-Executive Director

Linda Jia

Director of Outreach

Ivan Chau

Director of Activities

Laraine Lam

Director of Design

Daniel Jeong

Director of Marketing

Rachel Shi

Co-Director of Technology

Selina Fu

Director of Finance

Sophie Jiang

Co-Director of Technology

Quan Chu

Ambassador Director

Tiffany Yang

Co-Director of Logistics

Amy Shumka

Co-Director of Logistics


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