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XdHacks Mini presents XdHacks Mini Consultants! A unique event which takes the entrepreneurial thinking and problem of a Business Case Competition and the technical skills of a Hackathon.

Today you begin your first tasks as employees for XdHacks Digital Consulting. To test out your aptitude and teamwork skills, we have put you all in charge of heading the creation of a digital presence, logo, and brand of one of our new clients.
Being the interns, the clients we have given you are relatively low tier. This is no unicorn or 401k, it’s a bunch of kids out of Vancouver making their own organization, nothing too big. However, our contribution to their success is just as important.
Your assignment is to take on their company idea and give it a home on the web, and a nice look to go with it. Within your team of 4-5 people we hope that you find a way to evenly distribute the work, which consists of creating a website for them. But within this task there are many different things that must be done, for example:
Besides this, we ask for a personal touch from you and your team in the form of a note to the client thanking them for their business and sending your regards for their success as a form of goodwill. Make sure to include your business information, in case they want to refer your services to a friend or come back for more help!
To begin, I would think about how you divide your work. Everyone doing one thing at a time could work, but is usually not effective.
First things first, designate a team leader, someone who can push the team, knows a bit of everything, and can stay on top of what needs to be done, and help where they are needed.
Next, diagnose everyone’s strengths and weaknesses:

Who is your strongest programmer or most fluent in the languages needed?

Who knows their way around design software and has an eye for aesthetics?

Who can be a convincing and persuasive writer, while maintaining a sort of professionalism?

These are all questions that you should be asking yourselves. There is no set number or template for who should be doing what. As a team, you must assess your dynamic, and create a plan that works for all of you to get the job done!
(Also if you mess this up you are fired, which should be a big enough incentive to form an effective team as is)
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