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What is XdHacks Mini?

XdHacks Mini is a global highschool hackathon nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the importance of interdisciplinary learning in the modern technology industry. Our focus on students developing an interdisciplinary mindset sets us apart from other Hackathons. We highlight the significance of soft skills such as presenting a pitch, in tandem with hard skills like coding. We believe entrepreneurship, in addition to having a deep foundation within a skill like coding, sets students up best for the future.

What do we do?

XdHacks Mini hosts and organizes highschool hackathons globally, connecting hundreds of students worldwide who are passionate about a career in technology. At our events, we offer workshops ranging from Design Thinking, to Building, while helping students create a network within our community. We help students find local volunteer, learning, and academic organizations to grow and learn on their own time as well.


Upcoming Event: SafeHacks

Hosted by Xdhacks Mini Vancouver, SafeHacks is an in-person hackathon that encourages high-school students from Vancouver to try and develop prototypes to tackle issues with safe technology use. This multi-day event brings together tech enthusiasts and novices alike, allowing them to collaborate and transform their ideas into tangible products that contribute to the betterment of the community. There will be resources like workshops, keynote presentations, interactive activities and mentors to help better equip participants with the necessary skills to create innovative designs.

What is a Hackathon?




noun: hackathon; plural noun: hackathons

An event that brings together passionate students who work to solve a social issue presented as a theme. During the event, teams of 4-5 students have full creative control to develop and refine a product aimed towards a chosen theme. Typically, Hackathons span 24 hours, giving students a small amount of time to think of and create their solution. Hackers will then pitch their product to an experienced panel of judges to compete for prizes.

"Join an XdHacks Hackathon to learn how to code and win prizes!"


  • Coding Competition
  • Collaborative Programming
  • Networking Opportunity
  • What Is Sleep?
  • Awesomeness

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A Hackathon is a combination of the words "hack" and "marathon". In a Hackathon, individuals come together and use technology to create something truly impactful.


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Why a Hackathon?

How is it different from learning at home?

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Engagement, of course!

Through this event, students develop numerous soft skills while seeking to find a solution to a real-world problem. This constricted time frame makes this process competitive and fun.


From XdHacks, a student-run hackathon

Students learn from industry professionals on various career-oriented topics like design thinking and creating start-up presentations. All students leave with something new.

There are many opportunites provided to students to grow their skills in a hackathon. Especially prevalent are topics such as web development, graphic design, and artificial intelligence.

It is also great for students to build their soft skills and to network with other like-minded youth!

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