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About Us

XdHacks Mini is a hackathon organization that seeks to challenge the minds of young STEM enthusiasts and inspire them to use their talents to solve real-world problems. Our extension, XdHacks Mini LA, is an extension with the goal of bringing the XdHacks hackathon experience to the Los Angeles/SoCal area to broaden the influence and inspiration of STEM. Our events will include workshops for students to learn, activities for them to partake in, and prizes for the winners to claim - all while building participants' ability to innovate and create products and solutions for the better of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to host hackathons that inspire not only creativity and innovation in computer science skills, but also the exploration of interdisciplinary expansion. We hope that through our hackathons, students will discover new ways in which computer science can be applied to solve real world problems originating from various fields, from agriculture to medical and beyond. We believe that versatility is the key to success, meaning that the more broad a student’s vision and adaptability is, the more opportunities exist for the student bring positive change to our ever-changing society.

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july 31 - august 1, 2021 @8:00am pdt

With the 2021 NASA Mars Rover Mission, engineers and scientists have been able to gather more data on Mars, particularly on its environment. As the world races towards the day when the first humans are sent to Mars, transitioning from an Earth-like environment to Mars will be daunting. Virtual assets, however, could be vital in making this daunting process far more efficient, smooth, and manageable

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XdHacks Mini LA - LIFE HACKS

august 8 - 9, 2020 @8:00am pdt

With many countries like America falling into a doctor shortage crisis, medical workers now have to work harder than ever to adequately provide treatment to an ever growing population. As the world becomes more and more digitized, virtual assets that aid in lightening the workload to increase the efficiency of their job is a promising solution.

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What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event that brings together passionate students who work to solve a social issue presented as a theme. During the event, teams of up to 4 students have full creative control to develop and refine a product aimed towards a chosen theme. Typically, Hackathons span 30 hours , giving students a small amount of time to think of and create their solution. Hackers will then pitch their product to an experienced panel of judges to compete for prizes .

What is XdHacks Mini?

XdHacks Mini is a child company of XdHacks. XdHacks Mini hosts hackathons for high school students , whereas XdHacks hosts hackathons for university students. Together, our goal is to promote innovation and cross-diciplinary education worldwide; we have chapters based in various places around the world, and we are still expanding!

What does "Xd "in XdHacks mean?

Xd stands for Cross-disciplinary , a relatively new concept in the professional world. In the dictionary, cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary refers to an activity that is related to multiple subjects or disciplines. Here at XdHacks Mini, we aim to inspire students to think of creative ways to combine computer science with other fields of their interest , whether it be medical, agricultural, or other engineering fields. Computer science is extremely versatile and can mix with almost every other field out there, making for infinite possibilities and opportunities for innovation. Our goal is to help students realize these opportunities to create something that will revolutionize the world in their future career.

Who can participate in XdHacks Mini events?

XdHacks Mini hosts hackathons for high school students . If you 're a university student, consider checking out XdHacks , our parent company which hosts hackathons for the university level. Typically, as the name "XdHacks Mini LA "implies, the hackathons we host are based in Los Angeles, but due to COVID-19, our hackathons will temporarily be virtual , meaning anyone who is currently a high school student may attend no matter where they live. Note that since the company is based in LA, we will use PDT when indicating times.

I 'm interested in a leadership role, how do I sign up?

XdHacks Mini is run by students who have a profound passion for inspiring innovation and creativity in their peers. Therefore, if you share the same passion, we 'd be happy to have you join our team ! As our executive members graduate high school, spots will open for new leadership roles. Contact us for more details on the application process or how to start your own chapter in your location!

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